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Hi Svante,

You did make some great points and I agree with most of them. Just purchased a yearly subscription.

So far, it has been a great experience using your software. However, I have some concerns about the current implementation of cloud file encryption.

Currently, files in cloud sync folders that are decrypted are done in-place, which gives the sync software enough time to upload the un-encrypted file. The way I avoid that is to either manually exit the sync software everytime I want to work on an encrypted file (which can be easily forgotten) or move the files out of a sync folder, work on them and move them back. To me, the fact that you advertise ‘cloud storage awareness’, should mean un-encrypted files never touch cloud storage servers (and if anyone didn’t know any better, would assume that as well). That’s the whole point of encrypting cloud files.

Are there any plans to improve this current implementation (maybe like how Boxcryptor or Cryptomator does it)?