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Hello, thank you for the response

Yes, that is correct. The problem isn’t when I open axx files by double click or using enter. The problem is when I need to work with a bunch of files (for eg. portable programs with several sensitive setting files and cache), so using double click isn’t an option. Don’t get me wrong, individual file encryption is excellent for portability and documents, though.

I used to use a (cloud focused) program few years ago which got around this by having 2 folders. One that is stored locally and all files in that are stored un-encrypted. The second folder is an encrypted mirror of the first one and can be placed anywhere (in this case, a cloud sync folder); and any changes in the first will updated on-the-fly on the second one and that way, no un-encrypted data ever touches the sync folder. However, this solution isn’t ideal for people who don’t want ANY plaintext versions of their files on their hard drive.

Boxcryptor fixed that by instead using a virtual drive (open-source dokan/dokany library) with all the first folders that only ‘appears’ plaintext to the system (kind of like a mounted truecrypt/veracrypt volume), hence that solution was perfect for portable apps and no un-encrypted version of files needed to be stored locally or in cloud.

Neither required tinkering with any system files or sync softwares