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That’s simple enough to resolve.

Let me just check that you’ve encrypted with AxCrypt before? If you have then follow the instructions in my bullet points below.

If you’ve never used AxCrypt then it could be that your .AXX file is a format used by TurboTax.

  • Download AxCrypt 2 from here, install it, restart your computer.
  • If you’ve already got it installed then open AxCrypt. Your screen should look like my picture below.
  • On your screenshot there’s a button which saves Save. Press this and Save the TurboTax file to your desktop.
  • When you can see your TurboTax file on your desktop, drag and drop it into the large white are of AxCrypt below.
  • Right click on your file and press Stop Securing.
  • Your file can now be opened in whatever software it works with.