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I see the confusion.

Sorry to hear about your LastPass vault becoming corrupted; that’s something new to me. You can always backup your vault with LastPass and you should always do this no matter which password manager you use. One of the best, and most secure, is KeePass as that’s open source, free and can import/export data from or to other password managers. It’s been extensively reviewed by experts as being solidly designed and robust.

To post on this forum you don’t need to be registered and you certainly don’t need a password as you can just visit this website and post. From your explanation I think you’ve gone through the “Sign In” page which does require your password.

When you encrypt your files with AxCrypt 2 you have one password. Think of it like LastPass: one AxCrypt password does everything – it signs you into the website and can be used to decrypt your files. It does both. You only need to sign in to the website if you want to

  • purchase premium
  • get priority support (for premium customers)
  • use the password manager (for premium customers)

If you’re a free user then you’ll never need to sign in to the website.

To decrypt your files you only need your AxCrypt password which you must never lose or forget because AxCrypt don’t keep a record of it and cannot retrieve it. If you lose your AxCrypt password you’ll lose access to all of your data and will need to reset your account if you want to continue using the software for new files.

It’s simple really. Load the AxCrypt app on your computer, type in your email address (it should remember this) and then type in your password. It’ll remember your password until you shutdown or lock your computer. If you ever want to see your online account then it’s the same password.