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Thanks again to everyone for their help.

Re-cap, I had an older version of Axcrpyt, no issues, I installed the latest version, set my Axcrypt password to the same password as the file, no issue until yesterday when it now tells me that I am not allowed the same password twice, see screen shot 1… I thought the only thing I could do was change my Axcrypt password to avoid this issue…did this…signed in again successfully but now it tells me the file password is wrong (cause its not the same as the Axcypt pw) so offers to let me enter the correct i enter the password….stills says that its wrong..but it is definitely not..tried some other common ones just in case but I am 101% certain of the PW for the file.

Just had a thought, my wife has a separate login when using Axcrypt under her windows login but accesses the same file, could this have screwed it up somehow?


Please help!