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Kent, this is first and foremost a forum of other AxCrypt users and therefore none of us are in a position to telephone you.

AxCrypt employees do offer direct support for their Premium customers but to obtain a priority response from them (and/or a telephone call) you’ll need to purchase premium if you haven’t done so already. If you are a premium customer then you can log into your online account and raise a priority help request which’ll go straight through to them.

I’ll answer your question although Nick has already given you the correct information so I’ll try and explain it another away.

  • Open the AxCrypt software app on your computer (do not<b> </b>open<b> </b>the AxCrypt website)
  • If you’re asked to sign in then type in your password. (If it doesn’t recognize it then press cancel)
  • Press the File menu, then Options and then Clear All Settings and Exit
  • Then visit this website, type in the email address you want to use and follow the reset instructions
  • Once you’ve reset your password, open the AxCrypt software app on your computer (not the AxCrypt website)
  • Sign in to the software app using your email address and new password
  • Give your friend this email address and ask him to share the file with you (instructions here if he needs them)