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Did you not read the warning in red text (see the screenshot below) when you reset your password?

You can reset your password so that you can continue using the program but you cannot recover your old files unless you remember your old password.

AxCrypt is not access control software – it is encryption software.

If you forget your password to Gmail you can reset it and regain access to your email/files. This means that any authorized Google employee or law enforcement can access your email/files.

AxCrypt is encryption software. This means that if you forget your password there is no way to recover your files. There is no backdoor. You cannot ‘reset’ your password to get your old files back. You can only reset your password so that you can encrypt new files.

If you care about security and want your files to be secure against hackers then use AxCrypt.

If you think you’ll forget your password and always want access to your files (even though this entails allowing the software provider to have access as well) then DO NOT use encryption.