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I am wanting to insert screen shots, from Snipping Tool, on three different spots on my writing below but I cannot figure out how to get them attached.  Maybe you can figure out my issue without them.


I was in a major move and this is the first I have had the time to begin working on my issue. I down loaded AxCrypt and opened – see screenshot.  These were files I recently attempted to open. I highlighted a file and chose Stop securing and remove from list.  I was able to open that file but when I attempted to Encrypt it again, it showed Decrypt as the only opion, but it wasn’t Encrypted yet – see screenshot.  When I go to Encrypt a new file and I click on Encrypt it does not ask me for any password.  When I click on that file, I can open it even though it shows Decrypt – see screenshot.   I sure hope you can figure out the problem I’m having.