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The reason I’m confused is because it has always been possible to encrypt folders within folders with AxCrypt, by selecting the root folder, right-clicking, and selecting “Encrypt” from the context menu.

I don’t blame you for being confused!

When I used the option you describe above (right-clicking and then selecting “Encrypt”) it would only encrypt the root folder and its respective contents but not the sub-folders therein.

Are you certain the old version actually encrypted the contents of the sub-folders (or the sub-folders within sub-folders)? The current version is: 2.1.1502.0.

It was a common complaint on these forums that recursive encryption wasn’t available so I wonder if you were under the misapprehension (because of how AxCrypt presented the sub-folders) that your sub-folders were being encrypted when in fact they weren’t?

According to the release notes the new feature is described as “#191: Add option for recursive operation”.

I’d like to hear what Svante has to say about this because the feature, as I described to you in the music example, is the textbook definition of a recursive operation.

If you’re right and I’m wrong then this “newly minted option” must have some other purpose.