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You could also update your Pricing page to show that Recursive Encryption is a benefit of becoming a Premium customer.

On or near your SHA hashes page it would be good if you showed the SSL certificate thumbprint for your website. My company intercept SSL as part of the firewall monitoring service so it’d be good for technical users to have a definitive reference of the correct thumbprint.

  • SHA256 – 55:93:B8:9D:D5:85:5D:67:B1:07:33:54:DE:2B:0E:1D:11:25:6D:D7:32:FC:CB:72:48:72:7E:D9:78:11:94:1D
  • SHA1 – 2F:FC:5C:E8:C6:87:FF:AE:23:18:6F:16:47:F9:EF:A7:22:D7:0A:99

Even your account page extended SSL certificate gets downgraded to a regular SSL certificate by our company firewall.

  • SHA256 – 13:C1:DD:1A:D7:C4:7D:A0:70:F9:06:9B:D1:DC:9A:C9:42:D6:43:57:BF:E1:2E:95:18:32:48:48:A3:12:9B:E0
  • SHA1 – B7:57:23:9E:E3:D2:1F:88:A1:64:BA:A6:A5:16:19:AD:B2:BE:50:C2

I assume these are the correct thumbprints but having them published on your website would mean that all but the most determined of attackers (who’d inject fake thumbprints in real time) would be foxed by having this information readily available.