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Hi All,

I understand the confusion. Yes, the right-click context menu was actually recursive before this new option. The reason for that is that the list of files to encrypt is actually expanded before sending it to AxCrypt for encryption, it’s done by the shell extension – not AxCrypt proper, and it was the old behavior of old AxCrypt so we tried to keep that.

The new feature is about what happens when you use the AxCrypt main window, and more specifically, when you use the “Secured Folder” feature – where a folder is watched for new unencrypted files and can encrypt them automatically, or semi-automatically at the click of a button.

It’s dangerous because not all understand the consequences of, let’s say, encrypting their entire Google Drive or Dropbox. We do try to forbid known dangerous locations, specifically the root folder, the program files directory and the windows directory.

We debated whether to remove the recursiveness of the shell extension for consistency, but decided against so as not to antagonize the current free users who might depend on that function. We try to play as nice as we can, while still trying to give incentives to upgrade to Premium so we can continue to develop the software. With a few exceptions (anonymous rename, shred and delete) we try to stick to “If it was available in AxCrypt 1.x, it’s free. If it’s a new function or feature, it may be free or it may be part of the Premium Plan”.