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Now will the status of the files remain that way when I sign out?

You will be required to enter your password if you:

  • Sign out of AxCrypt
  • Shutdown your computer
  • Restart your computer
  • Lock your screen (Winkey + L)
  • Start your screensaver


All of your files are encrypted at all times, even when you are signed in.

The new version is better than the old version in that it remembers your password until one of those conditions (in the bullet point list) applies. This allows it to encrypt/decrypt files much easier, read my next paragraph.

When you click on a file (whether inside the AxCrypt program or through your Windows Explorer) it decrypts the file, lets you read/work with it and then it encrypts it again. It can do this because it remembers your password.

Your files are always encrypted.


The only way I could find was clicking on the File tab (upper left on AxCrypt page)

This is one way and the other way is by right clicking on the icon in the tray: near the clock.

Don’t worry if you forget to sign out. As long as one of those conditions in the bullet list applies then your files are still safe!


I could go to any file right click, choose encrypt or decrypt, insert password and done. This premium program is a challenge for me. I have 24 files that have been password protected or encrypted in the past. All I want to do is get these files setup so that I can open them, edit and encrypt once again. I also want to be able to encrypt any new files.

That was a less secure way of doing it because you had to manually enter a password each and every time. You also had to remember to re-encrypt it.

The new AxCrypt bypasses all of that.

  • You turn on computer at the start of each day
  • You sign in (‘aka’ enter your encryption password)
  • AxCrypt remembers your password until you sign out (or the bullet list applies)
  • You can then work with your files by opening them as normal.
  • You don’t need to worry about remembering to re-encrypt or decrypting your files – it’s all automated

You seem to be using AxCrypt just fine judging by that screenshot. You’ve got all of your files encrypted and these work like a normal file. Remember they are still encrypted.

Does my explanation make it any clearer?

I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible but the software is very easy to use once you forget about how the old program worked.

There are a number of official help videos on YouTube if you need them.