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Why would I only want to be able to use one password to encrypt files?

Their official statement on that is here: Use of different passwords considered harmful


Why would I want to give Axantum the password to all of my encrypted files (yes, I know that you claim not to store the passwords; I even believe you, but still…)

This is why I use AxCrypt in “Always Offline” mode because it never connects to the internet.


Why would I want to have to sign in to encrypt or decrypt a file?

<b>Signing in means the decryption key is stored in AxCrypt’s local memory. If you need to work with multiple files like I do then being able to double click on a file and not have to type in a long password each time (and in AxCrypt 1.7 you had to remember to encrypt it again) then the new model makes much more sense.</b>

Leave AxCrypt 2 running in the background whilst you’re logged on and you don’t need to enter a password each time. Log off and the password is wiped from memory.


AxCrypt 1 was so simple and useful

What’s there to stopping you from reinstalling it, apart from the bug in Notepad++ you talk about? Both versions of AxCrypt were/are free and provided as-is.