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Theoretically it could, even within a VM which is not supposed to have access to the host.

Theoretically you’re never safe. It’s about reducing your attack surface and making it cost prohibitive to attackers, I make the relatively safe assumption that the overwhelming majority of attackers will make no such provisions – especially ones that already bypass my other layers of security.

People don’t use these “secure procedures”.

Apparently me, the OP, and just about every Engineering friend I have are not people, who knew?

You can still use v1, it’s not being developed any more but it works perfectly well.

Yes, but you do not get the protection of AES-256.

Just sign out of AxCrypt after you’ve finished with your files. Somebody operating your suggested “secure procedures” won’t have any difficulties doing this.

You can no longer do this from the context-menu, additionally you are STILL forced to use one password for every file.

You’re entitled to your opinion. It’s just that you’re complaining about AxCrypt v2 when AxCrypt v1 meets your needs and AxCrypt v2 is a new paradigm… which nobody is forcing you to use.

My ideal system is somewhere between AxCrypt v1 and AxCrypt v2, nobody is forcing me to use it, nobody is forcing me to recommend it. I guess if Axantum doesn’t want my money – or my recommendations to all the countless machines I operate for friends and family – then that’s fine. Personally I like Axantum as a company, I find them transparent and speedy and relatively friendly, I’d prefer to support them but clearly the software as you said isn’t meant for advanced users who like to take security into their own hands.