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Sounds a lot like GPG4Win which uses Kleopatra, I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes.

The problem is that those programs usually rely on Certificates\Key-pairs rather than simple passwords, you’ll never see the simplicity of AxCrypt v1 in those programs i.e. Right Click -> Encrypt -> Enter Password.

AxCrypt is an example of something that did something and did it exceptionally well.

You can; I’ve just tried it myself in version 2.1.1502.0.

I was attempting it via right-clicking the encrypted file, didn’t think of the tray that’s far more usable though it expands my list of “Things that must be not be hidden in the tray”.

Perhaps I’ll load up a VM and just give a variety of such tools a spin as I do with anti-virus applications.

No, but AES-128 hasn’t been broken and is nowhere close to being broken. But if you want AES-256 then code it yourself or use GPG.

True it’s not that I’m not safe right now (Still using v1) but that I may not be safe in the future, and given v1 has been replaced by v2 it won’t be updated, I also won’t get the improved UI and other features of V2 so it’s a bit of a toss up.


I usually rely on the NIST:

So it’s safe into the foreseeable future, certain organizations such as the NSA have stopped recommending it for top secret materiel.