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There is no need to crack your AxCrypt password it’s stored in memory at all times and will readily decrypt on-demand without prompt. AxCrypt v2 does nothing that Bitlocker and a Good Windows Password doesn’t already do. Again, AxCrypt has NOT been audited and should therefore be regarded as potentially insecure as the most insecure program.

You must be misunderstanding what AxCrypt is for. It goes without saying that AxCrypt will readily decrypt on-demand as that’s what it’s designed for! If you are worried about a criminal hacking your computer then not even BitLocker can protect you. All BitLocker data is decrypted at boot and a hacker need decrypt nothing.

AxCrypt is designed to keep your files safe when sent via email or uploaded into the public cloud. Some people even use AxCrypt to send confidential information in the physical post. If you encrypt your files with AxCrypt before uploading to Dropbox then you keep your files safe from rogue Dropbox employees or hackers who break into your Dropbox account.

BitLocker or equivalent is essential if your computer is stolen. It stops the data being retrieved by a criminal but only when the system is powered down. If the system is powered up or in sleep mode  then the BitLocker keys can be extracted from RAM, just like AxCrypt keys can. There is no difference between the two technologies in that regard.

  • BitLocker is for hard drive or container encryption (and only available for Pro/Education/Enterprise users)
  • AxCrypt is for file encryption (and available for everybody and anybody)

About AxCrypt being audited – you might want to check your misinformation with the Swedish police and a couple of other government agencies who use AxCrypt. The source is on Bitbucket for all to see and anybody technically inclined can audit the source themselves.

Stephen – can I ask a question please? I think from your writing that we have spoken before. Does your TLA  company supply the cracking software on demand or is it payments via BTC for individual files?