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Ben Langton


I would like to apologize for the tone of my initial post.  I meant for it to come across as slightly tongue-in-cheek, but in re-reading it, I can see that it did not.

First, thank you for creating AxCrypt 1.  It is a very useful utility.  I’m sure that AxCrypt 2 is also useful, but it was not what I was looking for, and not what I thought it would be.  That, really, is the point I was trying to make; it seems like a totally different paradigm than the lightweight, very simple operation of AxCrypt 1.

I highly recommend having some sort of document, posted prominently on your website, to help transition users of AxCrypt 1 to AxCrypt 2 (or, to explain to them why they will not want to upgrade).  Updating software regularly (especially security-related software) is common practice, these days, but in this case, it sounds like a contingent of your users will want to stay on AxCrypt 1.

Best Regards.