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I’m one of the earlier contributors before this topic went off tangent somewhat.

I too have personal experience of breaking into 7Z files. The three tools Stephen links to are all effective. Some take longer than others but under 60 minutes is realistic. I use 7Z but am under no illusions as to how secure it is. Cryptographers like Matt Green have lectured about the insecurity of the format.

One thing that is important which seems to have been forgotten is that if you store lots of files in a big VeraCrypt container all it takes is for the container to be partially damaged and all the data becomes inaccessible. That’s one of the major downsides about container-based encryption. Bit rot also contributes towards damaged containers so it makes backups imperative. At least with file-based encryption (like AxCrypt) the worse that can happen is that you lose access to just one file in the event of damage.