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Worse than that, it has created an icon on my Windows menu that allows anyone to click it and up comes a window that shows any user the list of filenames that I have recently accessed.

You can sign out of AxCrypt, or, press shift and scroll to the bottom of the list and then click on the last entry. Right click and select the “Remove from list and keep file secured” option. All your history will be deleted.

It’s bad practice to allow other people access to your Windows user account, bear that in mind as it puts you at a security risk.

Right clicking on any file in V1 gave a menu item to Clear Passphrase Memory, very important. This seems to be missing in V2.

You sign out. AxCrypt 2 remembers your password until you sign out of the software OR shutdown your system.

I also say it is confusing because the first time I try to run V2 it asks me to create a long password, and there is no explanation offered in the Help feature, as to how this password is to be used. Will that password be used to encrypt the files on my local PC? If so, why does it need to be sent out over the internet and if not, why the very strict rules for password creation?

The password needs to be long because it is an encryption password. It is used to encrypt the files on your PC. The files are never sent to AxCrypt. The password is sent to the AxCrypt server to authenticate you as an AxCrypt user.

If you’re unhappy at using the new online features of AxCrypt 2 then use “Always Offline” mode but this means you won’t be able to share files with other AxCrypt users.

What actually happened in my case, after I entered a “green” password, nothing happened when I clicked the continue button – after 10 minutes I gave up.

You need to press OK and it will work.

I think these are several issues that should be fixed on V2, otherwise I’ll stick with V1. But as free software, I do totally appreciate having use of V1.7 for several years and think it was a wonderful development.

AxCrypt 1.7 is no longer in development by the people at AxCrypt. Version 1 works very well but version 2 is different and offers more features and greater security.