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Version 1.7 has two main features I use: easy and secure encryption, and quick file wipe. To get the file wipe and more secure 256-bit encryption with version 2.0, I need to upgrade to the paid version. OK, I’m glad to support software development and, being a retired developer myself, I buy lots of software. So I was just about to upgrade and buy 2.0 but then I found that I can’t buy it, I can only *rent* it. In other words, I’ll need to pay 24 euros for it, then next year pay again, etc., ad infinitum. ¬†Paying for upgrades is one thing, paying continuously¬†for the same software is something else.

Sadly, I searched for something else. To my surprise, there are great encryption programs out there, easy to use, quite secure, and some do file management; most are one-time payments and others are free. And there are great file wipers too, and many are free or one time purchase. So I tested a few and found good replacements for AxCrypt, and finally uninstalled AxCrypt.

I did it with sadness because I had become quite fond of it. But I don’t miss it, and I have to thank you for the motivation to look for replacements. Now I have all the features I need and I only have to pay for upgrades.