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“So I was just about to upgrade and buy 2.0 but then I found that I can’t buy it, I can only *rent* it”

<b>Most commercial software is a subscription model (Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office etc.)</b>

I don’t mind paying AxCrypt every year because you get new features. I’d be less impressed if I had to pay to upgrade every time a new version came out. Here’s something that AxCrypt wrote explaining their decision.

“To my surprise, there are great encryption programs out there…”

<b>Being a “retired software developer” I’m surprised you’re surprised. Of course there are lots of alternatives to AxCrypt; it’s a free market and anybody can develop encryption software. Some are free, others perpetually licensed and some subscription.</b>

Use whatever you’re happiest with.

“But I don’t miss it, and I have to thank you for the motivation to look for replacements. Now I have all the features I need and I only have to pay for upgrades.”

Great, it’s good that you’ve found something which suits your needs.