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Hi Nick,

I guess I need to clarify what surprised me: it wasn’t that there are great programs out there, but that there are great programs equivalent to AxCrypt that are free or one-time purchase. And I was also surprised at how well they replaced AxCrypt. It was a pleasant surprise because it meant I wouldn’t be struck continuously paying for features that I’m not interested in. It sounds like you may not be aware of it, but you don’t need to pay for every upgrade of a software program. You only pay if it has new features you want.

You say “Use whatever you’re happiest with.” I want to thank you for your permission to do just that. It’s really kind of you to make that offer. You’re a sweet boy!

I disagree with your statement that “Most commercial software is a subscription model.” That’s just not the case. There is a lot of rentalware, but there are more programs using what you call the “perpetual license” model.

I’m happy to pay continuously for services, but not for a static program.

Before they went rentalware, Adobe would release “updates” every few months that consisted of bug fixes with one or two useless “new features”, and charge $200 for it. The new update had more bugs, so they could make a new update shortly afterwards. Microsoft did the same thing by adding new features (and bugs) to programs like Word and Excel, many of which features few people use. The programs became more bloated and each update/upgrade was expensive. And they impacted computer resources enough to give an advantage to their competitors. Their rentalware solutions actually make sense because they can host the bloatware in the cloud and the client computer only runs what it needs at any given moment, keeping its resources down and speed up.

I would pay Axantum for a key exchange and maintenance service — if I needed one. But a subscription model means I pay for all the services and “features” I don’t need. And I’d re-pay for them again next year, even if I’m only using the software and not the service.

“Great, it’s good that you’ve found something which suits your needs.” Aww… there you go again, being so nice to say that. I hope you get the hugs you deserve!

Please let me know if you need any more clarifications.