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Hello Duke Nukem,

Thanks for the suggestion! However, to be honest, this is the first time anyone has asked for this. After almost 17 years, and perhaps 20 milllion downloads. I can only conclude that it’s not a common gripe ;-) I’ve never seen “remove me” from the context menu, although I have seen some softwares offer the “shell extension” as a feature that can be deselected during installation. What we’re trying very, very hard with AxCrypt is to have as few options as possible. This makes it more streamlined for the vast majority of users, and also makes our support easier to manage. If we include this option, every time we get a support case with “AxCrypt is not in the context menu”, we’ll have to investigate if the user has manually disabled it.

I would like to suggest a ‘workaround’ for your situation though, it’s still a manual operation though. Just rename the versioned download to the generic name ‘AxCrypt.exe’, then you won’t have to reassociate. Of course, you’ll have to delete the old one, and do the rename instead. You could also write a small script that does the association for you.