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Duke Nukem


Keeping it simple by default is best and I agree with Steve Jobs (and you) in that regard. Some software I use has an Expert Mode which reveals lots of otherwise hidden sub-menus.

I think you misunderstood my motivation for having an option to remove it: the more extensions you have in you the right click menu, the slower the menu responds, a problem that has plagued Windows for many versions. I also think that it clutters the menu visually and lots of software wants to install options that I don’t use from the right click menu.

When I said: “I’d thought of doing the renaming thing but it takes me the same amount of time as right clicking on an encrypted file and updating the Open With association that way” I was referring to resetting the association with AxCrypt. I was saying that the amount of time it takes to change the filename is broadly equivalent to the amount of time it would take to change the file name.

In terms of using AxCrypt I drag and drop files and folders directly into the interface. I don’t use the Secure Wipe feature or the Decrypt option from the desktop right click menu. Therefore to me these options are redundant as I have AxCrypt in my tray (and in my startup folder).

I suspect you’re right about the “loaded and installed” comment because certain software context menus appear as loaded, but not visible, when checked with specialist software (below) whereas others don’t appear at all. However that returns us to the question about it appearing cluttered.

It’s not a major concern, I’m using the portable version and if I do go back to the fully installed version I’ll use one of those two free utilities to remove it the context menu. You can physically remove the menu, i.e. from memory, using those utilities.