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How do I use my own personally generated key to encrypt files for folders?

AxCrypt generates your own personal key when you first run the program.

If I encrypt files, it is tied to my login information and no one else will be able to decrypt them when they need to, correct?

As long as you don’t disclose your password to anybody then nobody can decrypt your files.

If somebody else needs to decrypt them then you need to use the key-sharing (premium) feature.

I see that you can share the public key with people, but if I do that then everyone will have access to everything encrypted.

No, of course not. A public key is exactly that: you share it with the public/everybody.

Your private key is what you keep secret and even then the private key is useless without your password.

If someone needed access to those files, I could just sign out the encryption key to that individual

You wouldn’t “sign out the encryption key”; you give it to them. Once they have that key they can decrypt it multiple times.

With AxCrypt 2 you can revoke the file at any time and this is much more like the “sign out” analogy you use because you can recall it any time.

Now it seems I will sign out the key to every encrypted file in the company to individuals.

No, you share the file just by typing their email address. They then use their own password to access the file and they can continue to do so until you revoke their access (which you can’t in version 1).

Also, do you have the link where I can download version 1.7?

It’s no longer supported or developed and it only uses AES-128.

You can still download it from here.