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Nico, I use BitLocker for VHDs for backups because you can set it to automatically unlock (when on your computer) but they won’t automatically unlock on another computer; you’d be prompted for your password. I prefer BitLocker over VeraCrypt because it’s tightly integrated into Windows and it has fewer glitches.

Uploading VHDs to the cloud is inconvenient because of their sheer size. For me it’s much more convenient to use AxCrypt in this situation because you only need to synchronise the files which have actually changed instead of an entire VHD.

In AxCrypt filenames can’t be read if you use the Anonymous Rename feature.

To use a VHD on another computer I drag and drop it onto a flash drive and because the VHD is encrypted it’s secure. However all my flash drives are encrypted by default using BitLocker in AES-256 mode and you get a native Windows dialog box whenever you plug the drive in.

AxCrypt is designed for securely sharing files with friends or when uploading them to the cloud.