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I don’t experience the problems you have Neutron and I’ve also got sleep deactivated on my system.

On my setup, screensaver starts after 45 minutes and monitor off never. In advanced settings I notice that my hard drive is set to power off after 20 minutes.

I only find AxCrypt signs me out after the screensaver starts therefore I can leave my computer inactive for 44 minutes and AxCrypt is still signed in.

Maybe something has changed in the Creators Update because I’m using the stable version of Windows: 1607 (14393.1358). I am running the latest version of AxCrypt 2.1.1509.


  • increasing the monitor off time or better still disable it and see if the problem reproduces
  • increasing your hard drive turn off time
  • checking ‘allow hybrid sleep’ and also ‘hibernate’ in Advanced Settings

Maybe Svante has some more input?