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I do need to encrypt every single file when I login, I just need all the files to be encryted so that if the HDD lost, there will be no access to the files by an another person. The actual encryption will take place per file when I open it. Is this possible? In general how the software supports the security of a total HDD (as in my case)?.”

It’s not clear what you’re asking so I’m going to answer what I think you’re asking.

The first time you start AxCrypt you need to encrypt all of your files. If there’s 800 GB then that’s going to take a bit of time.

Whenever you plug in your external HDDs all your files will appear with an AXX extension. The file will have a green padlock icon – this means it’s encrypted.

If all of your files have a green padlock then even if your HDD is lost, nobody can view your data without your password.

That’s how AxCrypt encrypts the whole hard disk. It might be quicker to select all of your folders (on your HDD) as a “Secured Folder”. AxCrypt will then automatically encrypt all files within those folders even if you add new files.