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Thank you for the response.

I had a look at the .targets file and I think I can see where the script is working – highlighted in blue.

If I ILMerge the contents of the directory (built as a release, not a debug) then AxCrypt works fine and the language is always English but the other languages don’t work.

I can add one locale into AxCrypt.Content.resources.dll, e.g. German, and AxCrypt switches between English and German.

The problem is that if I try to ILMerge all of the locales (de, es, fr, it, ko, nl, pt, ru, sv, tr) into AxCrypt.Content.resources.dll I only get English and one of the locales.

Is there some prefix or suffix that AxCrypt recognises? I’ve tried “de-de” and “de” on their own and that makes no difference.

Arendt, I’ve tried NuGet but it doesn’t make any difference in the language handling here.

Ondřej, that solution only works for a single language, as you thought.

Thank you all!