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This will only happen Eduardo if you’re specifying “target:winexe” or you’re not specifying this at the command line. The default behaviour of ILMerge is to match the assembly type which in AxCrypt’s case is “target:winexe” therefore it assumes this is the target type.

To resolve your issue specify “target:exe” but beware that a terminal window will appear upon each execution of the program. It will however allow all the languages without issue and solve your problem.

Only use “Axantum.AxCrypt.exe” and do not merge into”AxCrypt.exe”.

Under no circumstances use the latter with /ndebug or without “BouncyCastle.AxCrypt” as you’ll cause the software (contingent on the .NET version installed on your system) to catastrophically and silently fail rendering the encryption library useless.

I shan’t get chance to check back on here Eduardo for a while but as long as you follow these instructions to the letter you will have no difficulties.