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msbuild AxCrypt.NET.sln /p:Configuration=Release

This is essentially what I had been doing but from within Visual Studio.

I executed the command from within the MSBuild Command Prompt and it produced exactly the same results – three executables:

(1) AxCrypt.exe [\Axantum.AxCrypt\bin\Release]

(2) Axantum.AxCrypt.exe [\Axantum.AxCrypt\obj\Release]

(3) Axantum.AxCrypt.exe  [\Axantum.AxCrypt\bin\Release]

1 – Works but the languages don’t

2 – Doesn’t run at all

3 – Works and so do the languages (when in \Axantum.AxCrypt\bin\Release) but when it’s copied to the desktop or somewhere else the program works but the languages don’t.

The problem is that the portable version (stored within \Axantum.AxCrypt\bin\Release) doesn’t have language support when moved out of the folder.