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Why not simply allow users to specify different passwords for different files, and have each file ask for a password when it is opened?

There’s other software that can do this for you; AxCrypt have chosen to go down another path.

Meaning, if my wife or child or coworker uses my computer and I haven’t put it to sleep, they could potentially access files that they are legally not allowed to do.

Simple, use the Inactivity Sign Out and set it to something like 5 minutes.

AxCrypt is making some really big assumptions about how their users use the files, and then above when users have complained, you’re arguing with them about their perceptions of use. But who CARES if your users perceive security in a different way than you do?

Other software is available. If AxCrypt doesn’t provide the functionality you require, look elsewhere: it’s an open/free market. The majority of users are happy with the new paradigm.

I used to love this program, but I will probably go back to the old version or switch systems. I’m particularly annoyed that old passwords have been “updated” to reflect the new one, which I can never remember anyway since the password rules were different.

The old software still works or there are commercial alternatives you can pay for. The proof in the pudding is that you “can never remember [your passwords] anyway” – that is *exactly* why AxCrypt chose to move to the single password model.