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I hit the reset button and it appears that it changed my password to sign in on the web site, but it does not appear to change the password I need to use to encrypt or decrypt files.

As a previous user of AxCrypt you’ll be aware there are no backdoors.

Resetting a password doesn’t allow you access to your files; it allows you to continue using the software so that you can encrypt/decrypt new files. Your old files are lost forever unless you happen to remember the old password.

It’d be useless software if there was a reset facility allowing you to decrypt files at the press of a button. AxCrypt would be inundated with requests from governments, police departments and litigants all seeking access to encrypted files. They’d also be painting a big red target on their backs for hackers who’d use the backdoor as well.

Confused. Can it be that I can’t change the original encryption password I used, rendering axcrypt now useless?

Resetting your password allows you to use AxCrypt again. It doesn’t allow you access to your old files.

Sign out of AxCrypt, use your new (now reset) password and you’re good to go.