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Hoi Svante,


Looking at my problem with the corrupted file after an update from 1.7 to 2.1 I notice this is more common than I understand from your reply

Therefore I think its important to warn all and everybody

Please everybody, be aware that your file is in danger when updating from Axcrypt 1.7 to Axcrypt 2.1!!

Remove the encryption first on all your files, store it on a safe place, and preferably store it on several places, and than you can do the upgrade and encrypt again

Don’t upgrade before you did all the precousions, or you may loose your valuable data like I did ;-(

Axcrypt is a very nice encryption tool, especcially now a days with cloud computing, but there is no support after failures, there is a chance your data is lost forever after this update, I found out the hard way!