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I am having password problems today also.  I keep my encrypted files on a computer not connected to the internet so it has not changed versions since I connected to the internet long enough to install version 2.1.1404.0.

I got an unusual axcrypt message today  “The first time you start AxCrypt a real email address is required.  Click help for mor information” then another “Internet access is required the first time AxCrypt is started.  Please check your connection, and try again.”  This is not the first time I have used axcrypt.  I use it almost every day for years and always the same password.  I temporarily connected the internet to that computer so it would let me advance past that screen, but every time I select a file (I have many files, all protected with the same password), I get “wrong password please try again” error.  My wife independently has tried several files, and she remembers the same password, which no longer works with any of the files.

I tried taking one of my files onto another computer that I have AxCrypt installed on, and it does not recognize the password either.   There is also no way we are using an incorrect password. We both know it independently and use it daily, but now we cannot access any of our critical files.  It appears something has happened where AxCrypt no longer recognizes our account.

Any help would be appreciated.