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Hello Bruno!

Thanks for your feedback! You are of course right that some users, like yourself, miss the 100% password-based way AxCrypt 1 works. We’d of course be happy to please as many users as possible. Unfortunately we have several challenges. One being limited resources, it takes developer and designer time to implement and maintain different features. The other being the fact that the multiple-password nature of AxCrypt version 1 actually leads to some data loss because of mistyped, forgotten passwords, or just confusion about what password was used when and where.

Most users will respond “well, that’s just up to each user to be responsible about”… until it’s your files that you suddenly realize you can’t access.

So, we do have to be careful about adding features and actually have to try to protect users from themselves sometimes. A surprising number of users do not fully realize the implications of using password based strong encryption until it’s too late. A forgotten or misplaces password is the same as permanently destroying all files encrypted with that password. There is no way back.

All this being said, we are indeed looking at ways to add password based sharing to the product – but we have some other things with higher priority – namely the Mac version and fully featured iOS and Android apps.