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Hi Toni,

Thanks for your feedback!

You are right, there is some confusion about the transition from AxCrypt version 1 to version 2. We’ve tried really hard both to significantly improve how AxCrypt 2 works, and at the same time maintain compatibility and get a reasonably smooth transition for old users. We can always get better at this, and we’ll continue with this.

The scenario you describe of setting up an account, and not paying attention to the password used which is subsequenly used for encryption does happen. One of the challenges we have is that the only way we can communicate with our users is through messages, popups, web pages and other written media. The thing is… Most users (myself included) will simly not read what’s written.

But we’ll be adding some additional dialogs both to inform users why files suddenly “just open”, and also when the first encryption happens we’ll popup a verification dialog asking for the password, or something like this.