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First things first: it’s impossible to regain access to your files if you’ve forgotten your passphrase. If you could ‘reset’ your password to gain access to your files it would make the encryption useless.

All you’ve done is deleted your old passphrase and created a new one and this is what it says in the red warning when you go to reset your passphrase. That’s how a ‘reset’ works – it does not allow you to unlock your previously encrypted files.

You can continue to encrypt new files using your new passphrase but you cannot decrypt your old files unless you remember your old passphrase. Sorry.

AxCrypt 2 doesn’t use key-files (AxCrypt 1 did). Your key-pair in AxCrypt 2 is nothing to do with the passphrase. If you need access to your files you need to remember your passphrase.