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It depends on how you’re using OneDrive Steve as Microsoft give you a couple of options:

  • Cloud only (file/s will be downloaded on demand – they use a symbolic link)
  • Mirrored (exact replica – files in cloud and on hard drive)

To encrypt your files you need to use the second option and then encrypt the contents of each and every folder.

The other method is to create a local folder (like <Encrypted Files>) and then tell AxCrypt to designate it as a Secure Folder if you’re a premium customer. This method is more suitable if you’ve only got a few sensitive files or you don’t mind the folder structure. There’s nothing to stop you having sub-folders within <Encrypted Files> such as <Receipts>, <Photos> and so on – you need to activate the recursive option within AxCrypt.

This is the inherent difficultly of insecure cloud services; encrypting files can be a pain.

The more appropriate option is to use a fully encrypted cloud service but these are expensive and you might not want to change.