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This is also why I’ve stuck with the older version. I often send files to relatives who have computer phobia (they won’t set up anything I haven’t already done for them on rare visits, or with TeamViewer).  I use a base password they know, with small additions to change it up sometimes. I  give them hints about the additions when needed and it works well.

Having the ability to use custom passwords at any time would be a useful “regression,” though I know the practicalities of creating software.

I’m now testing the new standalone version which doesn’t seem to affect right-click shell integration of the old version. That seems to be the best workaround for fans of the old version who want to keep both and don’t need all the high-end features. The only “problem” I see so far is I can’t visually tell which files (icons) have been encrypted with either version, so I just have to let the error message tell me.