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AxCrypt 1.7 is no longer supported but it still works perfectly in Windows 10; until Microsoft break a dependency at which point the developer has said it will not be updated.

There is a feature suggestion for different passwords although it’s not desirable in terms of security and it’s incompatible with the present paradigm. If you’re distributing a file in version 2 you should never give out your password: use the share feature instead.

Those who want to use different passwords may have their wish granted although the comments on here suggest it may be a long time coming and it might be a premium feature.

I don’t think there’s an easy way of discriminating between v1/v2 files because they both have the same extension. The easiest method would be to have a specific folder or, if you have many files, introduce the numeral 1 or 2 to denote the version.

However I don’t see what the problem is:

  • Version 2 opens both version 1 and 2 files as long as you know the password
  • Version 1 only opens version 1 files assuming you know the password

If you want a different password then use version 1.

A solution would be to remove the AXX file association to version 1 and associate AXX with version 2.

This solution would open all AXX files in version 2. You’d still be able to encrypt using right click in version 1.

I wouldn’t call the encryption process “ethereal”; it’s been designed to be simple to use. The general public don’t take many active precautions but the majority of people do still care about their security – try reminding them of the famous “dick pic program“. Suddenly people became very concerned about their privacy when that analogy is used.