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I’ve not observed this behaviour myself and I would have been tempted to say it was a problem with your network share but for the fact you say that you can see “that the document has been modified”, presumably by looking at the last modified date and time.

I’m not convinced the problem is with AxCrypt because you say the changes aren’t reflected in the encrypted file unless you decrypt the file first; I’m assuming at the minute you’re double-clicking to open the file which is the recommended method.

Could this be something to do with the Microsoft version control in Word and Excel? That would account for the updated last modified time but only on the decrypted file (.docx or .xlsx); it shouldn’t affect a .axx file.

I suspect the most likely culprit is some type of versioning on your network share where it caches a copy of the file and when you go to open it (even though it shows a new modified time) the network share hands over the previous version until the current version. If you were to restart the network share by disconnecting and reconnecting on the endpoints, after modifying the file and saving it, this would help confirm if this is the cause. If this is to blame then you can normally disable local caching.

As you’re a premium customer you’ll get priority technical support from AxCrypt if you copy and paste your question in an email to them: Most people, myself included, are fellow customers in this forum and this may require you submit a debug log in order to get it resolved.

I’ve used AxCrypt on a Windows network share (Windows to Windows) and this doesn’t reproduce.