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Hi all!

I am one of those feeling bereaved by version 2. Here is the scenario to illustrate the point:

A relative (a brother in law) and I set up a scheme where we deposited SHTF files (last wishes in case of premature death etc) encrypted with v1, using individual password/key as well as a common key file. The encrypted files were deposited in a shared cloud folder, the individual passwords/keys deposited and exchanged physically in sealed envelopes, and the common key file is known only to us. (Of course we trust each other not to open the envelopes until absolutely necessary!) That way we could both know that, should the need arise, the other party could gain access to the information. We could also, relatively easy, make changes to the information and upload a new version, without the hassle of having to exchange physical print-outs. Also, the information should be more than secure enough for our purposes.

Now, with v2, as soon as we touched our deposited files the other party was “locked out” which blew this scheme. Despite both having IT MSc degrees we did not fully understand (yes: severe user error – a fact nevertheless) that that would be the case. Now we have (temporarily?) had to abandon that method, and find something else.

Please note that – as far as I understand – the key sharing method in the premium version does not help, as part of our scheme was the ability to keep the information securely deposited until the other party opened the password/key envelope. (Please correct me if I am wrong.)

Also please inform me if such, or similar, a scheme is, in some way, possible with the free v2.