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Hello Marvin,

As Euan says – we only use a single password. The value in “force a login to axcrypt to only encrypt a few files” is, among other things:

  1. We can strongly verify that you are entering the password you think you are entering, reducing the risk of dataloss due to a typo when you encrypt new files.
  2. We can keep the password around for the duration of the sign in session, making encryption and encryption – even of a few files, a much more convenient task.
  3. We can verify your account status, i.e. subscription plan (Free vs. Premium etc).
  4. We can synchronize your key pair with the local device and the server, making such things as global password change possible.
  5. Although we log very little, the little we do log often helps us understand why users are experiencing problems which thus allows us to provide more effective support.

There are other benefits as well, but these are some. For information about what we log, what we have on the servers and how everything works, check out the privacy policy, security information and technical information at .