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I am an old time but infrequent user of AxCrypt. I loved the way it worked when if I tried to open an encrypted file I would be required to enter the file password. I thought it must be time to upgrade, not knowing I would be forced to login to AxCrypt each time I needed to access my file. Well, that screwed up my access to the encrypted file. I was able to download the Decrypt program and un-encrypt the file.

In any case when I installed the AxCrypt version 2 I was asked to create a password. I did. (lets say it was zxzxzxzxzx, a password that is not easy to remember) that is not my old encryption code. That code zxzxzxzxzx is now required to unencrypt my file since I must sign in to AxCrypt.  I much preferred one code to encrypt and not be required to sign in.  I even changed my password to my preferred encrypt code and that allows me to sign in online, but I still must use the zxzxzxzxzx on my PC to then access my encrypted file.

How can I get back to a single code of my choice?