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Captain Quirk, there isn’t a strong demand for version 1 features.

Regrettably there are a couple of sockpuppets who are calling for version 1 features; i.e. multiple people, one of the same, trying to inflate the popularity of version 1 features to get their own way. The true number of unique people who want per-file passwords is probably fewer than 10. Analysis of publicly available Google reCAPTCHA usage tends to confirm this.

The reality is that the overwhelming majority of people are satisfied with version 2 and those who aren’t can use version 1.

It’s pointless for AxCrypt to divert valuable resources to add another feature to AxCrypt 2 which will cause inordinate amounts of confusion between the old and new paradigm.

AxCrypt need to focus on getting the software 100% solid; e.g. eliminating all possibility of null-byte errors. Adding additional complexity to the software increases the possibility for coding error, risks irreparably destroying the reputation of AxCrypt if things go wrong and increases the attack surface of the software.

If people want per-file passwords then AxCrypt 2 isn’t for them. Implementing a hybrid option would confuse and remove the value proposition of version 2.

AxCrypt is, and always has been, software for the average computer user. Offering too many options, and the ability to shuttle between symmetric and asymmetric encryption, will confuse the average user and they’ll move to something simpler.

If you’re an expert then you won’t be using AxCrypt unless you value the convenience. If convenience is important then you wouldn’t be using per-file passwords.

Having per-file passwords greatly increases dissatisfaction if and when somebody forgets their password and can’t get back in.

Experts, or people who want per-file encryption, should look at different software designed specifically for their needs.