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Thanks RobertM.

I don’t use Gpg4win myself as I find it too bloated (26 MB) although it’s an excellent piece of software for the novice and is the software that I’d recommend for inexperienced users requiring per-file passwords. My advice for most users is to use the stable version (2.3.4) as it contains no serious bugs that could cause permanent loss to encrypted data.

I use the base GnuPG binary¬†as it’s the bare minimum (just under 4.3 MB)needed to do the job but some command line knowledge is necessary. It’s what Gpg4win is based on, is lightweight and does the job.

Unfortunately neither release (Gpg4win or GnuPG) contain ‘secure by default’ settings as they use the lowest security settings to achieve backwards compatibility – they’re easily changed though if you know what you’re doing.

Most of the time I use AxCrypt 2 because I prefer the convenience of one password. Login once per session and then get seamless encryption and decryption.