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Captain Quirk

Thank you, Svante, for your prompt and complete reply.  (I don’t know how you do it – where do you find the time to develop software AND answer everyone’s questions???  You must have more than 24 hours in a day where you live.)

Thanks for your explanation.  As for self-decrypting files, I do respectfully disagree with you about that – for the most part, at least – if they are handled properly.  (Yes, I read your blog post about that.)  For example, notifying your recipient that a self-decrypting file will be coming his way.  If people are careful never to run an .exe attachment unless they are expecting it and they know what it is and who it’s from, there should never be a problem.  I do understand, of course, that not everyone is careful and maybe that ruins it for the rest of us.  :-(   It’s moot now anyway, because no email application or web interface will allow you to send an .exe file.  :-(    (That’s a shame, though, because it seems like such a simple solution and doesn’t require your recipient to download and install any software to read your encrypted attachment.)

But I do appreciate your thoughtful explanation, especially in regard to the SHA-1 issue.  :-)