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Really, Ron? “Paper, paper, never data.” WTF. Did you +really+ say that? Ever watched a video on youtube exposing something brutal from some distant corner of the world, like public executions in areas under Saudi/NK/Chinese/ISIS control? Never wondered how those videos made it out of that distant corner? Certainly not on paper, Ron; and when the mails are subject to official inspection, probably not through normal correspondence channels, either. Electronic forwarding, through a VPN and/or TOR, is the only way of being even half-way sure that what you send will arrive and your hotel door will survive the night intact. As for bespoke software, that’s kinda hard to explain away if some authoritarian thug decides to inspect your laptop. Freeware has one truly huge advantage, in that it can be explained away. Walk in my mocassins for a while, Ron – do a little freelance journalism in a global warm-spot, face some inquisitiveness at a border crossing, explain-away why you’ve got encrypted folders on your laptop. Then come back and speak from a position of strength, OK?