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Hello again,

Thanks for your reply Svante!

I want to add that  e v e r y t i m e  I create a new account and/or password online I always open up a txt-file, type the new login info and new password, then ctrl+C and ctrl+V the info into requierd fields. Then I always save that perticular txt-file. That way I never misstype or forgett the new info just created. I used the same process when setting up AxCrypt.

It’s true that I only logged in one time in August. I set up the account and encrypted the file. I closed the file and opend it up again just to make sure that it actually worked. Which it did. The I signed out of the account, and tried to access it again for the first time in five weeks today.

I use AxCrypt on a daily basis at work so I am familiar with the program alredy.

The file now “lost” will take me a year to recover. If possible.

If there is any other chance what so ever on recovering this vital document I am happy to try, do or pay (almost) anything.

Best regards